The Dragon Run Wilderness Area

Named the second place to have ecological importance out of 232 regions that have been scrutinized in the Smithsonian Institution, The Dragon Wilderness is one unique to visit. Here is a description of the Dragon Run Wilderness area:

The most special aspect of this place is the fact that it is remote and has an appealing natural beauty. The place is crossed by a number of highway bridges over a 35 mile section that connects to the Piankatank River. The majority of the access points is only reached by trekking for about a mile over a rocky back country.

The area is managed and protected by Friends of Dragon Run, an organization that was structured by a collection of Middle Peninsula citizens of Virginia. They cheerfully contributed funds to buy and conserve a tract of Dragon swamp of 203 acre, this was in the vicinity of Churchview, Middlesex County. The main aim of the organization was to promote the conservation and protection of the watershed. They have ensured this by acting an example and playing the role model to the community.

There are neighbors of the Dragon Wilderness, who are encouraged by FODR to contribute to the simplicity of conserving the area and if not, they should protect the area for further development. Some ways that have been used to promote conservation include contour farming and filter strips. Others include the use of susceptible timbering methods, reforestation and sod waterways in the area. The main aim is to cut down the nutrient and sediment amount that might enter the Dragon due to forestry and farming.

Since it is more of a swampy environment, the most common activity there is Paddling, which comes with some instructions. The organization advises that anyone who has a heart problem or any severe medical condition should take a careful consideration before engaging in the trip. Typically, the activity is a vigorous event that can cause a heart attack to one who has a pre-existing heart problem. The trips are not exactly charged, but a donation is always suggested, at least $40 per person.

There are various Trail Guides that are provided to the public in various locations. These guides were established by Mark Chittenden and some are open to be public while others must have a FODR leader. Some of the common Trail Guides include;

o The Picnic-Circle Trail: This a dry, flat, wooded circular region that overlooks the Dragon Run. Here, FODR holds its yearly picnic every October and the kayaks/canoes are launched from this place.
o The Pre-Circle Trail: It is a cool, mostly dry and forested, one-way road that is based on the Revere Tract property of FODR in the vicinity of Mascot, VA.
o The Mascot Trail: This section is open to the public and it is a dry, cool and loop-trail that stretches to the property of FODR around Mascot, VA.
o The “To-Williams” Trail: This is an appealing, cool and a one-way trail that is forested, though it might be a two-way in the future. It is based on the Revere Tract property of FODR near Mascot, VA.
o The Post-Circle Trail: It is an easy and flat trail that is forested and mostly dry. It is also a one-way trail that is on the Revere Tract property of FODR.
The place is attractive and extra breathtaking as it mostly focuses on the nature and all the events are mostly related to the forested, which are fascinating as well.