Things To Do In Church View, Virginia

The small town of Church View, Virginia may not seem like much, but on further review, the place is endowed with many things to see, and also many activities to take part in and just have fun. So what is this that makes people talk a lot about this area?

Kayaking the Dragon Run
The main attraction here is the Dragon Run Wilderness nearby and there is no better way to see it than by Kayak. You notice the name “Dragon”, so be sure to interact with dragon flies here and there as you paddle your kayak along the waters of Dragon run. Everything is green in color, the quietness is awesome, and the vegetation is full of fascinating species you won’t find anywhere else.

In fact, this ecosystem was ranked second, among the 232 areas that were being surveyed by Smithsonian Institution. Most of the people who come here love the natural beauty that is associated with the remoteness of the place. Everything exists in its most natural form here, so expect to hike your way into the area as most paths cannot accommodate vehicles.
Fishing the Rappahanock River

You are about to become a fisherman when you visit Church view. Most of the fishing taking place here is for sporting purposes, though there’s no harm in roasting some for dinner if you’re out camping. The cool waters of River Rappahanock provide a healthy breeding ground for various fish species. You will certainly become interested when you see your colleagues fishing in this river. It’s all about having fun with things that nature has provided for free.

Remember to bring along your fishing tackle if you plan to fish. But there’s also an option to rent them if you’re too lazy to bring yours along. No fuss about it.

Boating & Water Sports On The Chesapeake
While only paddle boats such as kayaks and canoes are allowed on the Dragon Run, opportunities for other types of boating are nearby as well. With the Rappahanock river spilling into the Chesapeake bay only a short drive away, you are never far from an afternoon of boating fun. Bring your ski boats and sailboats or opt for a rental which are available locally. Rental boats are available of varying types. Check out the models with marine speakers and boat stereo systems like these for an amazing sound experience to go with the breathtaking scenery.

Virginia Motor Speedway
When you’re through with interacting with nature, there are other activities you can take part in, such as the Virginia Motor Speedway. It’s about having fun watching big foot machines driving and skidding in muddy conditions. There are lots of spectators who come to witness the various motor speedway events organized annually. Annual events include, mud mayhem, shear stylin, new king of the hill and many others. Check out the schedule for upcoming races.

This area is endowed with plenty of activities you can take advantage of, whether you are focused on camping, sporting activity, or just shear pleasure. Definitely we recommend Church View for anyone who loves these activities and so much more.